You're a professional rider and important to us!

We started our professional package, especially for our professional riders. More intensive use requires even faster service, good insurance and professional gear. 

The toughest bike around

Belt Drive

De tandwielaandrijving van de e-bike – ook wel de Belt Drive genoemd – is gemaakt van carbon. De Belt Drive wordt gezien als een grote innovatie binnen de fietsenwereld. In tegenstelling tot een traditionele fietsketting is de Belt Drive namelijk stil, schoon en duurzaam. Ook hoeft de Belt Drive nooit gesmeerd te worden en loopt hij altijd soepel. 

Geïntegreerde verlichting

Zoals bij ieder onderdeel van de e-bike to go is er ook voor de meest duurzame oplossing gekozen voor de verlichting. De LED-verlichting is namelijk in het frame gebouwd en hierdoor beschermd. Daarnaast is LED-verlichting van zichzelf energiezuinig. De verwachte levensduur van een LED-lamp is vier keer langer dan van een conventionele lamp.


De anti-lekbanden maken de e-bike superstevig. Deze extra laag voorkomt namelijk dat glasstukken en andere scherpe objecten de binnenkant raken en een lekke band veroorzaken. Naast bescherming, zorgen de banden ook voor extra comfort: de lucht in de binnenband vangt de schokken op, zodat je extra soepel fietst, waar de buitenband zorgt voor bescherming en grip tijdens het e-biken. 


Met de XXL-accu kom je nog eens ergens. De 500 Watt accu is gemaakt van hoge kwaliteit lithium en heeft een actieradius van ten minste 70 kilometer. Oftewel: onder de juiste omstandigheden kun je een afstand van 70 kilometer afleggen, zonder dat je accu tussentijds hoeft te worden opgeladen. 


Benefits professional subscription

For € 89,- excl. VAT per month you get the extra service that you need.


Do you want to make as many kilometers as possible on a full battery in 1 day? With a professional subscription you are guaranteed to receive an XXL-battery. 

Fast charger

A professional subscription includes a fast charger that halves the loading time. Within 4 hours the battery is fully charged. 

Delivery ensurance

Never worry about ensurance. With the insurance PRO package you are ensured for theft and in case something happens to your e-bike.

Second battery

As a professional rider you can lease a second battery at a low rate. Interested? Send an email to info@ebiketogo and we will send you the conditions. (Temporarily longer delivery time.)

Priority service

Need a repair on your e-bike? As a professional rider, you are back on the road as quickly as possible with the priority service. 

Monthly invoice

We will sent you an invoice via email on a monthly base. 

How does it work


Two days after your subscription we will contact you. You you like to ride your e-bike directly? In that case you can drop by to pick up your e-bike yourself.

Super service

The professional subscription means that you can expect the best service of us. That means we will fix your e-bike as soon as possible in case it brakes down.

Cancel monthly

Don't need your e-bike anymore? Or do you want to freeze your subscription for a period? The subscription is super flexibel, so you can cancel it any moment.


For 89,- per month you can use the e-bike to go subscription for professionals. This means: faster service, good ensurance and professional gear. 

Ready to roll? You can order your new e-bike quickly and easily via the registration page. When we have received your details, we will make an appointment to deliver your e-bike. Do you need the e-bike immediately? Then you can also drop bye and pick it up at our head office.

You are not committed to anything and with a cancellation period of 1 month, you can stop whenever you want.

When you sign up for an e-bike with us, you will receive a charger and a key alongside the e-bike to disconnect and recharge your XXL battery.

It takes 4 hours to fully charge your battery. In addition, with the e-bike to go subscription for professionals you will receive a fast charger that halves the charging time of your battery.

The distance that you can cover on a full battery depends on various factors such as the outside temperature, the weight of the rider, the tire pressure, and the driving style. Suppose you have an average posture, it is not too cold and your tires are well inflated, you can expact an actionradius of at least 70 kilometers. 

We ensure that a good e-bike arrives at your doorstep as quickly as possible. For a smooth settlement, you need to report damage as quickly as possible on our damage page. Upon receipt, our driver will be notified and a new e-bike will be delivered to you immediately.

E-bike stolen? That’s annoying! We are going to help you, to make sure you can cruise on your e-bike as quickly as possible. Mail us immediately to let us know at We need the following information to submit the declaration: bicycle number, location, date and a brief description of the incident. We charge a total deductible of € 500 per theft, €250 for the bike and €250 for the battery. You will immediately receive a new e-bike to go.

Mail us your question to and we will contact you as soon as possible.