e-bike to go

Which subscription should I choose?

We offer e-bike subscriptions for personal and professional use. Compare them and choose the subscription that best suits your needs.


Theft insurance*



Swap service

*Deductible excess: €250,- for charger and €250,- for e-bike


For commuting


per month


full in 5 hours

300 watt

+-40 kilometer actieradius


For heavy users


per month

Fast charger

Full in 4 hours

500 watt

+-70 kilometer actieradius


Second battery

(Delivery in week 37)

All Risk Insurance

(Delivery from June 15)

€25 per month
€15 per month
€25 per month
€15 per month

Don’t worry about the maintenance of your e-bike: thanks to the full service, we make sure it is always in perfect condition. Just let us know when you have any trouble.

A stolen e-bike is the most annoying thing there is, so we make sure you get a good insurance. When your e-bike is stolen, you will receive a new one asap! However, there is a deductible excess that you have to take in account: €250,- for your e-bike and €250,- for the battery.

Our super fast charger gets your battery fully charged within 4 hours.


Our 500 Watt XXL battery can last you up to 70 kilometers. If you are unsatisfied with its performance, you can always exchange the battery for a new one free of charge.

 Having trouble with your e-bike? You can get it immediately exchanged for a new one, right at your doorstep. We’ll make sure that things like flat tires won’t hold you down, and that you always have a working e-bike at your disposal.

Are you a professional rider who needs a little more power? You can lease a second battery for a reduced price. These can be delivered in week 30.

Want to ride totally carefree? With our All Risk Insurance, you won’t have to worry about damages ever again. This insurance is available from 15 June.