e-bike to go


E-bikes are more popular than ever. Having had a rather stuffy image until relatively recently, many people now prefer them to ‘normal’ city bikes. How cool is that?! This is partly due to the much wider choice of e-bikes now available. So what should you take into account when comparing them? Read on to find out more! 

Electric support
The type of engine which suits you the best depends on the journeys you’re going to make. Most e-bikes are equipped with a front-wheel hub motor or a mid-drive motor. Where a mid-drive motor provides the best support for driving on hills or bumpy roads, an e-bike with a front-wheel hub motor is better for flat landscapes.

Technical specifications
Let’s talk about tech stuff. Functionalities other than the type of motor can also play a key role in how well an e-bike functions. Is it important for you to be able to see exactly how fast you’re going? Then you should opt for a model with a dashboard computer. Do you wish to share your e-bike? Consider one with adjustable handlebars and/or seat. Other things to keep in mind include the number of gears, the robustness of the tyres, the type of chain – metal or carbon – and the width of the frame.

The right look
The appearance of your e-bike is also important. Do you opt for a slim e-bike or do you prefer a chunky model with thick tyres and a sturdy frame? Would an e-bike in a striking colour suit you? Or would you prefer a more neutral model?

Are you going for convenience?
We use subscriptions for so many things nowadays, from listening to our favourite playlists to booking our sports sessions. And now you can even get an e-bike through a subscription. The advantages? You pay a fixed monthly amount, you can cancel your subscription at any time and the use is geared around being carefree. Having a subscription means you get another bike right away if yours breaks down or is stolen. 

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