Now that the regulations around the coronavirus are getting more relaxed and the borders are reopening, Amsterdam will start welcoming it’s beloved tourists again. Of course with some important rules still in mind, but we’ve got some great news: exploring the city on an e-bike is not only the best way to get around, but also the most healthy one! 

Public transport?

Normally, public transport in Amsterdam is very well organized and a good way to get from A to B while visiting for a citytrip. However, due to the coronavirus, the government’s rules are still to only use public transport when absolutely necessary, and wearing a face mask in trains, buses, trams and metros is obligatory. For tourists, this means they will have to find different ways to explore Amsterdam – and the e-bike is the perfect alternative. Think about it: fresh air, total flexibility, no effort at all and no face mask needed. What’s not to love?

E-bike rent: day or weekend

From our e-bike to go brand store in Amsterdam, located on the famous Overtoom avenue and open seven days a week, we offer you the possibility to rent one of our robust e-bikes for as many days as you want. Looking to go shopping in the center ánd see the Amstel-river in the south? Curious to see what Amsterdam has to offer off the beaten track (we’ve got some routes for you!)? Or maybe you’re staying for a long weekend, and booked a budget-friendly room outside the city center? E-bike to go offers healthy, safe and fun transport – all for very reasonable prices.

 Details & information

Don’t worry: renting one of our e-bikes is very easy. The only things you need to bring to our store are a valid identification and a debit or credit card for the deposit (€250). Are you curious or do you want to rent an e-bike right away? Visit our store during opening hours and we will be very happy to help you.