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User damage, such as a flat tire or a malfunctioning break, is always insured, as you would expect from us. However, there always a possibility you didn’t see that stop sign, car or other object which causes serious damage to the e-bike. With a crooked front fork or front wheel, the handy repair man in our workshop have to fix the heavy damage. For these examples of damage we have introduced two new subscriptions: the Smart Plus and Premium subscription.

The Smart Plus subscription

If you are looking for a subscription that covers all of the own risk when the e-bike’s damaged, this subscription is most suitable for you! This what we offer: 100% of all damages to the e-bike including damage to the battery are covered. We actually charge €0,- on the damage to the bike. That’s a good deal, right? The Smart Plus subscription costs €109,- per month.

I want this! How does this work?

  • Are you already a customer of e-bike to go? We invite you to visit our store in Amsterdam. We will check whether your e-bike has any damage and then activate your Smart Plus subscription.
  • Not a customer of e-bike to go yet? Choose the Smart Plus-subscription on our website!

We expect you to use our e-bike with care. However, if any damage is caused, you can let us know via this link and we will get in touch.

The Premium subscription.

Do you want to be completely carefree in all your travels? Our Premium subscription might be just the thing for you. Sounds fancy? That’s because it is. It does not only cover 100% of all damages, but also 100% of all instances of theft. One condition applies: you need to be able to hand in the key of the e-bike in order to make sure the bike was locked. The Premium subscription costs €149,- per month.

Interested? Take a look at the different subscriptions on our website.

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