Whether you’re living in the Netherlands for a while or you’ve just moved here: it is pretty inevitable that Dutch people love their bikes. No wind, rain or distance can keep them from their beloved two-wheeled ride! Although the classic option is still the way to go for most, the newest trend is the electric bike – but it can get pretty expensive to buy one of those speed demons for yourself. 

That’s why e-bike to go has come up with an affordable subscription: for a fixed monthly price, you ride your e-bike and we’ll take care of everything else. Want to know why that’s perfect for expats living in the Netherlands temporarily? We’ll give you five reasons!

1. There is no better way to explore your city

Getting around on an e-bike is, without a doubt, the fastest way to feel at home in your city. The Netherlands are basically made out of bicycle paths and you can ride up to 70 kilometers on a fully powered battery. You might get a little lost at first, but we promise you that in the end, you’ll be racing around your town like a pro.

2. Get there safe and sound

While the Dutch are playing all kinds of tricks on their non-electric bikes, it might feel like a bridge too far to be balancing on these unstable bikes with their narrow tires. That’s why our e-bikes are as steady as they get: unbreakable tires, integrated lights and an overall robust design make for a ride that is built to last. You’ll be perfectly fine in all circumstances.

3. Flexible all-in subscription

Our e-bike subscription can be cancelled every month, which offers the subscription holder a lot of flexibility. Especially in the case of expats this can be a great solution: simply pay the monthly fee of € 79,- and you’ll get the full package for as many (or few) months you want. And the best part: maintenance of the e-bike is included in the subscription, so we make sure you always have access to a working e-bike. 

4. The best way to get to work

Especially in bigger cities it can be a challenge to find housing close to work, and often you’ll need to use public transportation to get there. But even without the corona situation that’s going on, that can be quite confusing, and sometimes it’s not even possible. Our e-bikes offer the perfect solution to commute between home and work – and you’ll get to see something on the way, too. 

5. Integrate with the Dutchies

And finally: since you’re living in the Netherlands, you might as well act a little like a Dutchie, right? You’ll probably earn bonus points with your colleagues being able to chat about how your bike ride was, how you braved the rain or how you ran a red light (just kidding – don’t do that!). 

Interested in our subscription? Check it out here!